Data are value: it’s the raw material of information technology, and so it has to be usable before than useful, handled securely, sustainable to produce and to manage.

Any intelligent device has an embedded system at its core, allowing it to sense, measure, process, communicate, or control.

We endeavour in providing a straight assessment of your requirements and in setting up a R&D project to address your challenges.

We usually undertake a partnership approach with our clients, building strategic relationships and working closely in order to maximize results and team effort. We strive for technical excellence and we engineer our designs to be cost-effective and efficient to manufacture.

Our development process

We strive for technical excellence, and just as importantly, we ensure our designs are cost-effective and suited to efficient manufacturing and testing.

We provide the expertise and services that enable you to accelerate your targets, at any stage of development—from design, to prototype, to full system implementations.

Our engineering team will work with you to first understand the problem you are trying to solve or the objective you want to reach, identify a technically viable solution, and execute the project to a working system.

Manufacturing embedded electronics poses its challenges. We make sure our design are manufactured up to specifications and standards, in an efficient manner. We can also assist with testing, quality control and certification.

ST Partner Program

221e has joined ST Microelectronics Partner Program to accelerate Customer Time-to-Market and to expand the possibilities of advanced hardware solution and smart software architectures.

We adopt a partnership approach with each of our clients, developing strong relationships and working closely with them in order to maximize results.

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