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Sensing AI for
Your Smart Device

Stand Out With Our Precision
Sensor Fusion Software and
Reliable Hardware Platforms

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Now You Can Achieve
the Promise of AI Without the Hassle

Artificial intelligence can add immense value to your product. So can sensor fusion.
221e’s sensor fusion AI software, which combines the two, unlocks critical
real-time insights using machine learning of multi-sensor data.

Our intelligent precision sensing technology can be easily integrated into your product. You can use it with your existing hardware or an optimized 221e IMU solution.

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Wireless Sensor IoT

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Everything You Need To Enable Innovation
With Our Sensing AI Technology

Sensor Hardware

Muse™, Mitch™ and NeuraTrack™ are low-power systems with outstanding reliability and remarkable miniaturization

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Motion Processing Algorithms

MPE™ is a 3D motion tracking software that meets the accuracy requirements of the most demanding applications

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Sensor Fusion
AI Software

The NeuraSense™ Edge AI provides event detection, sensor data analytics and contextual awareness

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Are You Looking for a Reliable Technology Partner?

Adding IMU, orientation estimation and AI to your product can be challenging if you don’t have the necessary resources or know-how.

That’s why we created the MakeSense™ strategic partnership program for companies that need help implementing intelligent sensor systems. The program allows you to focus on your application as our multidisciplinary team takes care of the underlying technology.

From orientation estimation through activity tracking to IoT sensors, we’ve built a variety of smart solutions with our strategic partners.

We’ll Help You Get Up
and Running in No Time

You need real value quickly, but achieving accurate sensing requires a wide range of expertise that is hard to come by. To meet tight deadlines, you’ll need to overcome highly-technical challenges fast while answering all the tough questions. This is why we have assembled a rare group of committed professionals that will help you gain real value right away following a plug-and-play installation.

Whether you need a complete sensing system or more specific components and consulting, our solutions cover a variety of requirements. They range from initial concept design and implementation, through our embedded software and hardware to final product manufacturing.

Mix and Match your


Embedded Software

Hardware Platforms

Purchase our embedded hardware products, through distributors or by contacting us directly

Strategic Partnerships

Partner to create a custom product or to leverage our technical support through the MakeSense™ program

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