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Sensing AI for
Your Smart Device

Stand Out With Our Precision
Sensor Fusion Software and
Reliable Low-power Hardware

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Now You Can Achieve
the Promise of AI Without the Hassle

Artificial intelligence can add immense value to your product. So can sensor fusion.
221e’s sensor fusion AI software, which combines the two, unlocks critical
real-time insights using machine learning of multi-sensor data.

Our intelligent precision sensing technology can be easily integrated into your product. You can use it with your existing hardware or an optimized 221e IMU solution.

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Leapfrog Your Competition
With The Latest Sensing AI Technology

Sensor Hardware

Muse™, Mitch™ and NeuraTrack™ are low-power systems with outstanding reliability and remarkable miniaturization

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Motion Processing Algorithms

MPE™ is a 3D motion tracking software that meets the accuracy requirements of the most demanding applications

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Sensor Fusion
AI Software

The NeuraSense™ Edge AI provides event detection, sensor data analytics and contextual awareness

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Solutions We Offer

Fields where our systems have been applied

Are You Looking for a Technology Partner?

Adding IMU, orientation estimation and AI to your product can be challenging if you don’t have the necessary resources or know-how.

That’s why we created the MakeSense™ strategic partnership program for companies that need help implementing intelligent sensor systems. The program allows you to focus on your application as our multidisciplinary team takes care of the underlying technology.

From orientation estimation through activity tracking to IoT sensors, we’ve built a variety of smart solutions with our strategic partners.

Find the Right Sensing

Solution for Your device

Join our MakeSense™ Custom Product Partnership and Support Program

Electronics Design

Embedded Systems / Low Power Architecture / IoT Connectivity

Sensor Integration

Inertial Sensors / Environmental Sensors / Biosignal Sensors

Application-specific Algorithms

Event Detection / Context Awareness / Pattern Recognition


Feature Extraction / Machine Learning / Classifier Model

Digital Signal Processing

IMU Sensor Fusion / Orientation Estimation / Kalman Filter

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Wireless IMU / Miniaturized Multi-Sensor / Low-power Sensor Node


Wireless IMU / FSR Pressure Sensors / Wearable Research Logger


Low-power GPS Tracker / Intelligent Asset Tracker / Man Down Tracker


SpO2 PPG Oximeter / IR Thermometer / Bluetooth Health Monitor

License our Sensor Fusion and AI Software Libraries


IMU Sensor Fusion / Orientation Estimation / Kalman Filter


Activity Tracking / Sports Metrics / Context Awareness


Fall Detection / Man Down Recognition / Lone Worker Tracking


Driving Style Recognition / Event & Crash Detection / Driving Metrics


Vibration Analysis / Predictive Maintenance / Condition Monitoring

What You Can Expect From Us

Achieve More With
Our Partner Network

221e is a member of some of the industry’s leading partner programs. It allows you to accelerate time-to-market and expand the possibilities of advanced hardware solutions and smart software architectures.

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