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221e Means Infinity.

Boundless Imagination.
Endless Creativity.

People, Ideas, Technology

At 221e, we believe in those who push the boundaries of what is possible. We encourage open innovation and leverage the boundlessness of imagination to find new technological solutions that can improve our lives. To materialize this, we create products that solve real problems and generate significant value in the fields of sensing AI and microelectronics.

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Powering Innovation
Through Intelligent Precision Sensing

221e is a leading global supplier of intelligent precision sensing solutions for smart devices. Our hardware platforms and AI-powered sensor fusion algorithms provide exceptional accuracy and consistent results alongside significant cost advantages. Since 2012, we have delivered innovative sensing solutions to power a wide variety of products, including wearables, sports equipment and industrial devices. For over a decade of field testing and scientific research, 221e’s advanced sensing technologies have been continuously refined to meet the accuracy requirements of the most demanding applications.

Mix and Match Your Solution

Whether you need a complete sensing system or more specific components and consulting, our solutions cover a variety of requirements. They range from initial concept design and implementation, through our embedded software and hardware to final product manufacturing.

Embedded Software

Hardware Platforms

Purchase our embedded hardware online, through distributors or by contacting us directly

Strategic Partnerships

Partner to create a custom product or to leverage our technical support through the MakeSense™ program

A History of Pioneers

Since we started the company in 2012, our technology was used for the most demanding applications. Providing real-time sensor fusion and AI algorithms to trigger life-saving devices has led us to push for exceptional accuracy and dependability. It has also made our hardware platforms renowned for their reliability and build quality. Since then, our customers have shipped thousands of products trusting our technology and designs.

We’ll Help You Get Up
and Running in No Time

You need real value quickly, but achieving accurate sensing requires a wide range of expertise that is hard to come by. To meet tight deadlines, you’ll need to overcome highly-technical challenges fast while answering all the tough questions. This is why we have assembled a rare group of committed professionals that will help you gain real value right away following a plug-and-play installation.

Join Our Journey Towards


Ideas can find the space to actualize
in new projects and better products


Talent can be freely expressed
for the benefit of all


Individuals are treated the way
they wish to be treated

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Achieve More With
Our Partner Network

221e is a member of some of the industry’s leading partner programs. It allows you to accelerate time-to-market and expand the possibilities of advanced hardware solutions and smart software architectures.

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