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Research Sensor Platform

Advance Your Work With a Modular Sensor System Trusted By World-leading Institutions

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A Wireless Sensor Platform for Scientific Research and Clinical Trials

A Premium System That Won’t Break Your Budget
Are you tired of struggling with hardware issues and with synchronization of the IMU and Force Sensing Resistors (FSR)?
These were the challenges we had in mind when we created Mitch. With perfectly synced IMU and FSR at a fraction of the cost, Mitch is ideal for the Scientific Research and Clinical Trials.

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3-axis Accelerometer / 3-axis Gyroscope / 3-axis Magnetometer /Optional Add-on Sensors


ARM Cortex-M4F Processor / 256 KB Flash Memory / 64 KB SRAM


Bluetooth Low Energy 4.1 / Micro USB 2.0 / 2x Digital I/O port / Analog port / I2C


Rechargeable 155mAh Battery / Micro USB Charging


MPE™ Motion Processing Engine (optional) / NeuraSense™ Sensor Fusion AI (optional) / Graphical User Interface


YETI – Pressure Sensor Membrane / TOF – Proximity and Light Sensor / PPG – Optical Blood Volume Sensor

Tried-and-Tested Modular Technology

Mitch is the sensor platform of choice for top universities and leading research centers. With Mitch, you’ll be able to access the raw data and benefit from plenty of connectivity options and a variety of add-ons.

In terms of software, Mitch has been optimized with the MPE™ Motion Processing Engine and NeuraSense™ Sensor Fusion AI  to provide exceptional accuracy and consistent results.


Maximize Performance

Minimize Cost

Get a high-performance wireless research platform and a variety of compatible sensor add-ons at a fraction of the cost


Perfectly-synced Data

The Mitch IMU and FSR are in perfect sync by design. The same applies to interfacing with external instrumentation such as optical motion capture systems

Opt for a

Tried-and-Tested Platform

Mitch has been used in a variety of clinical studies and scientific publications by world-leading research centers

Benefit From an

Open SW Architecture

Access raw sensor data and use the included SDK for interoperability with higher-level software

Use Cases

Mitch can measure acceleration, angular rates and magnetic fields. With the optional add-ons, it can also measure foot/hand pressure points, distance, proximity, light, heart and pulse oximetry.

Thanks to its automatic logging feature and low power consumption Mitch can be used to record data in the field for days on end.

This can be useful, for example, in wearable devices that perform 24/7 remote patient monitoring during Clinical Trials.










Don’t you get frustrated with bulky sensor systems? They are often heavy with lots of wires sticking out, making them too cumbersome to wear outside of the lab. To overcome this, we created Mitch as a modular hardware platform suitable for wearable data logger applications. It is compatible with a variety of lightweight add-ons that expand its sensing capabilities while keeping it compact and affordable.

These add-ons are popular with healthcare professionals, trainers, makers, creatives, engineers, scientists and researchers looking to enhance Mitch beyond 9-axis IMU. If requirements change, you can always switch to another add-on or return to the basic inertial sensor configuration.


Proximity and Light Sensor

TOF is a proximity and ambient light sensor that uses Time of Flight technology. Designed for low power consumption, it provides multiple interrupt schemes that minimize host operations.


  • Object detection
  • Contactless switch
  • Digital level meter
  • Gesture interaction
  • Entertainement

Key Features

  • Laser accuracy distance measure
  • Ambient light conditions
  • Compact design
  • Configurable ranges
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Pressure Sensor Membrane

YETI is a foot sensor that uses Force Sensing Resistor (FSR) technology adjusted for biomechanics research. It has 16 pressure points that can measure contact, touch, force and applied load. It comes in sizes of 36-47 EU or 4.5-13 US.


  • Plantar Pressure Mapping
  • Gait Analysis
  • Post-injury Recovery
  • Postural Monitoring
  • Sport

Key Features

  • Force Sensing Resistor
  • Thin and flexible
  • Customizable
  • Easy to use
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Optical Blood Volume Sensor

PPG (Photoplethysmography) is an electro-optical sensor for non-invasive measurement of blood volume changes and oxygen levels in the tissues. It is commonly used to track heart rate, pulse and other physiological parameters that are linked to the cardiovascular and respiratory systems.


  • Bio signals
  • Fitness and Sport
  • Remote health monitoring
  • Personal protective equipment
  • Respiration rate

Key Features

  • Non invasive vital signs monitor
  • Sp02 oxygenation index monitor
  • Accelerometer for sensor fusion
  • Easy to wear
enhance your mitch

What Certification Does Mitch have?

Mitch is CE certified, including both EMC and electrical safety compliance. It is also used in a variety of clinical trials as a clinical research sensor, and we can help you certify it as part of your medical device.

Is Mitch Applicable

for Mass Production?

While Mitch is exceptionally affordable for research purposes, it might be less cost-effective for mass production. To get similar functionality that is in line with the price point of your product, please refer to the MakeSense™ program.

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