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221e Means Infinity.

Boundless Imagination.
Endless Creativity.

People, Ideas, Technology

We believe in pushing the boundaries of what is possible for improving human life.
And we believe advanced technology can help us get there through open innovation and ingenious thinking.
To materialize this vision, our products converge sensing and edge AI as powerful tools for unlocking the value of data.

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Powering Innovation
Through Intelligent Precision Sensing

221e is a leading global supplier of intelligent precision sensing solutions for smart devices. Our hardware platforms and AI-powered sensor fusion algorithms provide exceptional accuracy and consistent results alongside significant cost advantages. Since 2012, we have delivered innovative sensing solutions to power a wide variety of products, including wearables, sports equipment and industrial devices. For over a decade of field testing and scientific research, 221e’s advanced sensing technologies have been continuously refined to meet the accuracy requirements of the most demanding applications.

Wireless Sensor IoT

What You Can Expect From Us

Sensing a Better World

We converge AI, sensors and microelectronics technology to surf the data innovation wave.
We commit our passion, curiosity, inspiration and work to build the best product and grow our talent.
We conduct business respecting human rights, our planet and contributing for a sustainable society.

A History of Pioneers

It takes the imagination of dreamers, the creativity of passionate minds and the courage of pioneers to explore the boundaries of what is possible. 221e was founded on the idea that data are key, they can be hard to master, but when treated correctly, they will always talk to you and have wonderful stories to tell. We started on life saving and clinical applications. We depended on sensors, data and AI to trigger critical decisions. Our users depended on us for their safety. This pushed us to pursue exceptional accuracy, reliability and build quality in our algorithms and sensing hardware. Since then, we explored wearable technology, endeavored on the Internet of Things and helped our customers to ship thousands of products trusting our technology.

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Join Our Journey Towards


Ideas can find the space to actualize
in new projects and better products


Talent can be freely expressed
for the benefit of all


Individuals are treated the way
they wish to be treated

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Via Brustolon 14
35031 – Abano Terme  (PD) – ITALY

+39 348 8653415

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Via Tonale, 74
24061 – Albano Sant’Alessandro (BG) – ITALY

+39 349 0090077

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Via Strada Muson 2/c
31011 – Asolo (TV) – ITALY

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7 Hanagid st. Ramat Gan,
Tel Aviv – ISRAEL

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