221e is an innovative enterprise, active since 2012 in the development of ideas, projects and products exploiting the convergent advances in the fields of telecommunication, microelectronics, sensors and algorithms.

We market product designs that synthesize our know-how in miniaturized and low-power smart sensing systems; providing access to state of the art technology and enabling the user to integrate our solutions into its own applications.

To industry partners, we offer licensing and R&D services that lead to the engineering of custom solutions. 221e can follow the project from specifications to feasibility study, through engineering, prototyping and manufacturing.

Independendtly and/or in collaboration with its customers and partners, 221e develops embedded systems for innovative smart products.

221e links with silicon manufacturers in order to exploit state-of-the-art solutions iterms of technology, sensing abilities, performances, power consumption and hardware footprint.

221e has engineered a modular ecosystem that can serve as a basis for a multitude of applications in diverse fields.

Depending on the sensing solution necessary for the intended application, 221e implements control algorithms that enable the final system to perform pre-determined action/responses. The algorithm is what makes it “intelligent”.

The 4th industrial revolution

We live in a time of change. Technology is pervasively and more intimately assuming a central role in our life, serving as a means to address global challenges and to benefit both industry and society.

The enabling factor is the digitalization powered by connected people and objects, nurturing the possibilities of the Internet of Things that is disrupting almost every industry with a breadth that is transforming entire systems of production, management, and governance.

At 221e we believe in the opportunities of technological evolution. We believe that knowledge and its application can find new solutions to improve our lives. We believe in those innovators and entrepreneurs that endeavor in the journey for better products and more efficient processes.

On this beliefs we build and deploy products that solve real problems and generate real value.

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Ideas can find the space to expand into new projects and better products.


Talent and progress can express free for the better of everyone.


Individuals are and are treated the way they’d wish to be and be treated.

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