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Advanced Health & Biomedical Sensor Solutions

Supporting sensor-enabled health monitoring with accurate medical-grade data.


Wearable sensors in remote medicine

Wearable sensors are becoming predominant in the health industry, offering accurate measurements of body temperature, oxygen saturation and heart rate. All of which help physicians to monitor fluctuations and diagnose medical issues or prescribe treatments. Connected medical devices allow remote health monitoring services while guaranteeing data accuracy and improving comfort. They often use wearable sensors that grant patients peace of mind as they provide valuable readings with a simple glance.

Biosignals and self-monitoring

Biosignals are records of biological events in living beings that can be continually measured and monitored. The electrical, chemical and mechanical activity produce signals that can be analyzed to provide useful information about the physiology of our bodies.

Wearable sensors such as PPG, ECG, and EDA are the most prominent way to measure parameters essential to evaluate health and fitness. Users are provided with powerful medical devices for self-monitoring and taking a more active role in managing their well-being.

AI-driven insights

Signal processing and data analytics techniques can be applied to biosignal sensors for the reliable measurement of health data. This technology uses specific algorithm modeling and artificial intelligence for information and feature extraction. It also uses sensor fusion that interprets data acquired from multiple sources for a more accurate and credible view. In this process, the fused information generated by wearable sensors, such as movement patterns, gait analysis or activity tracking, is correlated with synchronized bio-signal data.

Case Study

Take a look at our case studies based on your research or business needs. Learn more about how our smart sensing solutions have helped our customers achieve their goals and revolutionize their industry.

Medical grade wearable IMU sensor for Neurorehabilitation

221e’s Muse system was used to control the pulses of electrostimulation based on VIKTOR’s clinical motion protocols. Inertial sensors and orientation estimation with our MPE were used as the backbone technology to automatically recognize exercise cycles and provide digital input to trigger muscular and nervous excitation.


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