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Custom Product Partnership

Bring Your Ideas to Life With Our Technical
Team and Intelligent Sensing Technology

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Turn Your Ideas Into Innovative
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Focus On Your Application as We Take Care of the Underlying Technology
MakeSense™ is a strategic partnership program. It is open to companies who want to make smart devices yet need help implementing wireless connectivity and inertial, environmental or biosignal sensing. 221e can handle these underlying technologies of your custom solution from design through engineering to manufacturing.

Your Custom Solution Built With 221e’s Secret Sauce
We created MakeSense after realizing that it takes more than just efficient IMU and software to succeed in such projects. It requires unique know-how in synchronizing multi-sensor data and extracting valuable information using a custom algorithm, sensor fusion and AI. You’ll also need expertise in miniaturization to create custom hardware for your data analysis.

What makes 221e different is our depth of skill in intelligent precision sensing. 221e has the knowledge, the technology and the creativity to create custom sensing products that leave other tech companies scratching their heads.

Managing the Supply Chain of Your Digital Product
Sourcing for electronic components can be challenging when you digitize your product. With MakeSense, you can have peace of mind knowing that we handle both the development and production of your custom solution, including supply chain management. It allows you to stay in control of the hardware project as we engineer the system and provide detailed information on the cost structure. You can then use this information to optimize the bill of materials (BOM) of your product.

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Software & AI




Supply Chain Management



Bring Your

Product to the Market

Get from initial concept to production, leveraging our expertise in sensing, connectivity, software, hardware and manufacturing


Advanced Technologies

MakeSense grants full access to 221e’s sensor fusion algorithms, AI software and embedded hardware platforms

Gain a

Trusted Partner

Since 2012, MakeSense customers have considered us a partner more than a supplier thanks to our total commitment and loyalty

Maximize Results

Optimize Costs

We strive for technical excellence throughout the process while ensuring a cost-effective design that is efficient to manufacture

Development Process

Benefit From Expert Consulting,
Outstanding Engineering
and Efficient Manufacturing

The close collaboration with 221e typically starts with a thorough assessment of your initial requirements, followed by constructive feedback and tailored recommendations.

From there it continues to specifications, hardware design and firmware development, prototyping and manufacturing services, leveraging 221e’s broad technical expertise and advanced sensing technologies.

After manufacturing, we can also assist with testing, quality control and certification. Our technical support can also help with further data analysis, R&D support and future prototypes. This tried-and-tested process is valued by MakeSense customers, many of which return for additional products.

221e AI System Design
Smart AI Sensor Manufacturing

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221e is a member of some of the industry’s leading partner programs. It allows you to accelerate time-to-market and expand the possibilities of advanced hardware solutions and smart software architectures.

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