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Motion Processing Engine

Differentiate Your Product
With Precision Motion Sensing

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Precision Sensor Fusion Software

Gain Breakthrough Accuracy Without the Hassle
You need consistent accuracy for your motion-sensing product, but you don’t want to struggle with wrong orientation, drift or magnetic disturbances. This is why we created MPE, a 6/9-axis sensor fusion software providing real-time 3D orientation estimation with exceptional accuracy and consistent results. It typically runs on an Inertial Measurement Unit known as 6-DoF IMU, measuring pitch/tilting, yaw and roll.

MPE™ Motion Processing Engine

Motion Sensors

Accelerometer / Gyroscope / Magnetometer

Raw Data

Digital Signal Processing

Sensor Fusion

Calibration & Offsets / Operating Conditions / Kalman Filter

3d Orientation

3D Orientation IMU (6-axis) AHRS (9-axis)

Diverse Applications

Embedded AI

Features Extraction / Context Awareness / Machine Learning

Process Data

Information extraction

Domain Specific Algorithms

Sport & Wellness / Safety / Medical / Robotics / VR


Field Use & Final Product

Keep Drift and Estimation Error at Bay

No more large drifts when your device is just sitting there on a desk, nor when it’s on the move! MPE uses a proprietary Kalman filter to ensure negligible drift when processing IMU readings in both static and dynamic conditions. It empowers your product with the latest signal processing technology and the lowest estimation error, making it on par with the optical ground truth.

Dynamic RMS



Dynamic RMS





Exceptional Accuracy

Continuously refined to meet the accuracy requirements of the most demanding applications


Consistent Results

Designed for consistent precision from the ground up based on a decade of field testing and scientific research

Leverage our

Renowned Support

Get a head start with our multidisciplinary support team trusted by leading global brands since 2012

Benefit from

Cost Advantage

Up to 46% more cost-effective while providing premium performance

Differentiate Your Product
With Precision Motion Sensing

Leverage MPE’s Exceptional Accuracy To Turn Your Innovative Ideas Into Winning Products
A robust sensor fusion library is fundamental for your differentiation, setting true innovators apart from the rest. MPE, in particular, has been used to implement advanced applications in a variety of domains, such as:


IoT Devices


biomedical sensing








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turn your innovative ideas into reality?

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How Is MPE Better Than
an Open-Source Solution?

MPE has been continuously refined by our experienced team during a decade of field testing and scientific research. All this work has led to exceptional accuracy and consistent results that are not offered by open-source solutions, which require a lot of effort to become production-ready. Despite that, we still provide some of our source code, tools, APIs and examples on GitLab here.

How Long Will It Take To Integrate MPE?
Our renowned support team will help you to get up and running in no time and gain real value right away following a plug-and-play installation. You can also follow the included example and integrate MPE into your IMU SDK with just three lines of code. If more help is needed, we can create a detailed plan with milestones and frequent coordination.

plug and play AI software
Software sensor fusion

Key Features

  • Fuses gyroscope, accelerometer and magnetometer data
  • Provides 3D orientation estimation in quaternion and raw forms
  • Can also provide Euler angles and rotation matrix forms
  • Low power & footprint – 0.85 ms/iteration, 0.5 kB RAM, 25 kB flash (ARM)
  • Applicable for multiple IMU network sync
  • A hardware-agnostic static C library
  • Sensor calibration routines
  • Gyroscope bias online compensation
  • Magnetic distortion rejection
  • Adaptive operating condition logic

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