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Personal Protective Equipment

Safeguarding workers with accurate smart sensors that provide peace of mind.


Smart PPE

Combining protective gear with intelligent sensor systems enables greater safety by monitoring the worker, the environment, and the correct use of PPE. Sensors can be integrated into protective garments and accessories to track critical motion and GPS data, as well as environmental and physiological conditions. Integrated IoT networks provide smart PPE with connectivity and interoperability with the surroundings, allowing remote monitoring of lone workers and risky situations.

Smart PPE

Trusted algorithms for life-saving applications

Sensor fusion and machine learning are powerful techniques that form the basis for reliable event detection algorithms. Their job is to eliminate false alarms while ensuring true positive responses. Algorithm accuracy is critical in this case, especially when dealing with life-saving decisions. 

Inertial sensors and IMUs are core technologies for smart PPE targeting man-down detection, fall detection, activity tracking and contextual awareness for safety applications.

Invisible protection

Miniature wireless sensors with low-power embedded AI algorithms can be seamlessly installed into PPE while keeping the original ergonomics and aesthetics. This wearable technology must function as protection that is present when and where needed the most. It should also facilitate and assist the worker without any interference or impact on privacy. Reaching such technological optimization requires fine skills and specific know-how on intelligent sensing that must merge with garment design and manufacturing.

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