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Mitch can measure acceleration, angular rates and magnetic fields. With the optional add-ons, it can also measure foot/hand pressure points, distance, proximity, light, heart rate and pulse oximetry.

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Enhance your Mitch with a YETI foot sensor

Yeti is an add-on of the Mitch platform that uses Force Sensing Resistor (FSR) technology adjusted for biomechanics research. Yeti has 16 pressure points that measure contact, touch, force and applied load.

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YETI Right Foot Sensor Insole

System Overview

The Mitch platform represents a benchmark system for academic and professional researchers in the field of motion and gait analysis. We made it wearable, accessible, connectable, expandable and affordable to make sure you can obtain high-quality data (and we mean raw data) logged and synched by design, both in and out of your lab.

With on-board 9DOF sensing (accelerometer, gyroscope and magnetometer), Bluetooth connectivity, 1Gb embedded memory, high resolution RTC crystal for precise timing, and on-board A/D converter for FSR or load sensing, you can be sure that your force and inertial data are perfectly aligned. Need a specific sensing peripheral? That’s why we packed two digital expansion ports to expand the platform with external or additional sensors.

Among our customers are some of the most renowned research institutions and experts in the field of biomechanics, gait analysis, rehabilitation, sport science and clinical investigation. We are particularly proud of the contribution that Mitch is bringing to the field of human motion research, and we are on a mission to maintain it, with data quality and budget accessibility as a priority.

What’s Included

The system features: 1x tri-axis accelerometer (up to ±16 g), 1x tri-axis gyroscope (up to ±2000 dps), 1x tri-axis magnetometer (up to ±50 Gauss). It supports up to two add-on peripherals via digital expansion ports, and it features a ZIFF connector for handling FSR sensors with up to 16 input channels (pressure points).

It includes a 155 mAh rechargeable battery. Data logging memory is provided by a 1Gb NAND Flash memory. The system has a miniature push button for ON/OFF operations or programmable functions (e.g. start/stop logging) and visual interaction RGB LEDs.

The enclosure is a 3d printed Multi Jet Fusion PA material, ensuring mechanical protection of the system. 3D CAD files are available if you wish to customize your own enclosure.



Measurement range ±2 / ±4 / ±8 / ±16 g
Sensitivity 0.061 / 0.122 / 0.244 / 0.488 mg/LSB
ODR max 1600 Hz


Measurement range ±125 /±250 / ±500 / ±1000 /±2000 g
Sensitivity 4.375 / 8.75 / 17.50 / 35 / 70 mdps/LSB
ODR max 1600 Hz


Measurement range ±50 G
Sensitivity 1.5 mG/LSB
ODR max 100 Hz

System Specifications


Core  Arm® Cortex®-M4F
Frequency Up to 80 MHz

Communication Interface

Wired USB 2.0, micro-USB connector
Wireless Bluetooth Low Energy v4.2

Data Storage

Data Memory 1 Gbit
Memory Type NAND Flash


Capacity 155 mAh


Board 29 W x 31 L x 6.7 H mm
Housing 48 W x 36.70 L x 20.70 H mm