MuSe Components

  • Bluetooth radio
  • Led indicators
  • Smart push button
  • Usb connection
  • Nor flash memory
  • Arm cortex m4 processor
  • Accelerometer, gyroscope and compass
  • Imu & ahrs sensor fusion with kalman filter
  • Temperature and ambient pressure sensors
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Wireless charging

MuSe Measurement

  • Acceleration

    3-axis accelerometer

  • Rotation

    3-axis gyroscope

  • Magnetic fields

    3-axis magnetometer

  • Ambient pressure

    High resolution barometer

  • Ambient temperature

    Digital thermometer

  • 3d rotations

    Embedded sensor fusion (imu/ahrs) algorithms

MuSe Applications


Muse is used in wearable motion capture systems,to objectively detect the movement of the body segments of athletes and influence or record their movements via Bluetooth.

Muse Sport application


Muse is used in the production of wearable wireless sensors used in a clinical setting to assess a patient’s motor function and classify diseases (assessment of motor function and tremors and walking analysis) by acquiring data in real-time.

Muse Medical application

Smart cities

A multi-sensor system for continually and remotely monitoring structural vibrations in buildings. This system is particularly suited to use in historic buildings and area prone to earthquakes..

Muse Smart cities application


Muse uses a multifunction hardware module to analyse the vehicle dynamics of cars. The data collected can be used to score the driver or for insurance purposes..

Muse Automotive application


Platforms have been produced in the audio-visual sector to stabilize the camera footage captured by a Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) with actuators and Bluetooth communication..

Muse Multimedia application

MuSe Key Points

  • MuSe Innovation


    Muse encapsulates the latest state-of-the-art sensor technology in one device.

  • MuSe Size


    Muse is ideal for compact wearable and IoT applications.

  • MuSe Convenience


    The system is low-power and wireless with Bluetooth connectivity, Flash storage, automated on/off functions and recharging, and an ARM® Cortex®-M4-based 32-bit microprocessor.

  • MuSe Scalability


    Muse is easy to use and programme; just two lines of code and you can use your software with our SDK.

  • MuSe Customizable


    Up-to-date APIs are available using Git versioning, so you can setup, create your own libraries and manage your network of devices from your own software.

  • MuSe Versatility


    Muse can be used for any wearable or IoT application with a high degree of customization

MuSe Resources