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221e srl, a pioneer company in embedded AI software and leader in intelligent precision sensing, today announced it has joined the AI Partner Program from Arm, the global semiconductor IP provider. 221e is on a mission to go beyond what current smart devices can do, delivering breakthrough sensing AI capabilities for the wearable, IoT, and automotive industries.

The MPE™ Motion Processing Engine and NeuraSense™ Sensor Fusion AI solutions provide pattern recognition, contextual awareness and predictive analytics with exceptional accuracy, running on the edge using Arm®-based processors. By joining the Arm AI Partner Program, 221e will participate in co-marketing efforts with Arm to accelerate the adoption of 221e’s capabilities inside Arm’s ecosystem.

221e and Arm share a vision to bring innovative and highly optimized AI solutions to multiple markets — from wearables to cars and IoT devices. The companies will closely collaborate as 221e launches intelligent precision sensing solutions that enable customers to innovate with edge AI. 221e creates these solutions using advanced signal processing, sensor fusion and proprietary Machine Learning (ML) tools.

“The collaboration with Arm allows us to reach more joint customers that can benefit from our sensing AI technology,” said Marco Signorelli, CEO at 221e. “Our intelligent precision sensing software is completely in line with Arm’s ecosystem goal of enabling the next generation of AI solutions. It provides customers with advanced ML-based algorithms for sensor data analytics at the edge while requiring no previous AI experience.”

About 221e

221e srl is a leading global supplier of intelligent precision sensing solutions for smart devices. Our AI-powered sensor fusion algorithms provide exceptional accuracy and consistent results alongside significant cost advantages. Since 2012, we have delivered innovative sensing solutions to power a wide variety of products, including wearable and industrial IoT devices, sports equipment and smart PPE. For over a decade of field testing and scientific research, 221e’s advanced sensing technologies have been continuously refined to meet the accuracy requirements of the most demanding applications. Using these technologies does not require our customers to have sensing or AI knowhow. Our renowned interdisciplinary support team helps them to gain real value right away following a plug-and-play installation.

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