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221e Partners with Microchip Technology To Bring Sensing AI To Embedded MCU’s

Padua, Italy, January 11, 2023 /PRWeb/

221e srl, an innovator in embedded AI software and leader in intelligent precision sensing, today announced it has joined the AI/ML Partner Program from global semiconductor provider Microchip Technology Inc. Together, the companies will provide artificial intelligence solutions for wearable, IoT and automotive industries based on 221e’s sensing AI software and Microchip’s silicon products.

221e’s MPE™ Motion Processing Engine and NeuraSense™ Sensor Fusion AI solutions will provide Microchip customers with additional resources for exceptionally accurate pattern recognition, contextual awareness and predictive analytics. A good fit for Microchip’s respected line of optimized, low-power edge devices, 221e’s software consumes ultra-low power and has a small memory footprint, allowing it to maintain precision where computational resources are scarce.

“The collaboration with Microchip is great news for those who prefer low-power embedded hardware but still want it to run the latest AI/ML software,” said Marco Signorelli, CEO at 221e. “Our joint customers can now benefit from advanced ML-based algorithms for sensor data analytics at the edge, even if they have no previous AI experience.”

221e and Microchip share a vision to simplify ML implementation at the edge. 221e brings plug-and-play software with advanced signal processing, sensor fusion and proprietary Machine Learning (ML) algorithms, while Microchip delivers its renowned portfolio of embedded microcontrollers.

“221e is helping fill the gap for customers who don’t have the time or resources to design and develop AI/ML solutions on their own,” said Yann LeFaou, director for machine learning at the edge at Microchip. “Through this partnership, it’s now easier to implement AI technology in a variety of applications using our extensive portfolio.”

For customers that don’t have in-house data science resources, 221e can help develop the complete product flow from ideation to production. These customers can leverage AI/ML without much heavy lifting and take advantage of 221e’s experienced support team, which specializes in AI, hardware, algorithms, physics, mechatronics, biomechanics, sensors and integration. Learn more about 221e and its portfolio of intelligent precision sensing solutions by visiting

About 221e

221e srl is a leading global supplier of intelligent precision sensing solutions for smart devices. Our AI-powered sensor fusion algorithms provide exceptional accuracy and consistent results alongside significant cost advantages. Since 2012, we have delivered innovative sensing solutions to power a wide variety of products, including wearable and industrial IoT devices, sports equipment and smart PPE. For over a decade of field testing and scientific research, 221e’s advanced sensing technologies have been continuously refined to meet the accuracy requirements of the most demanding applications. Using these technologies does not require our customers to have sensing or AI knowhow. Our renowned interdisciplinary support team helps them to gain real value right away following a plug-and-play installation.

Visit us at and follow us on LinkedIn, YouTube and Facebook.

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