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AHK Innovation Cocktail 

On Wednesday, 21 June at 18:00 we will join AHK Italien at Le Village by CA in Padua for an engaging event that brings together local businesses for a stimulating discussion. The focus of the event will be on innovation, a key driver for the growth and internationalization of companies and the entire economic system. We will delve into topics such as process optimization, research and development, and high-level technologies, which all contribute to unlocking the potential of a territory.

Structured as a round table, this event in collaboration with Rödl & Partners aims to explore the challenges, opportunities, and macro-trends related to innovation in the Veneto region and across Italy. We are honored to have four esteemed speakers as our interlocutors, each bringing their unique expertise and insights:

Jörg Buck – Managing Director of AHK Italien: With a wealth of experience in promoting bilateral trade between Germany and Italy, Jörg Buck will provide valuable perspectives on innovation and its impact on business growth.

Antonio Santocono – President of the Padua Chamber of Commerce: As a prominent figure in the local business community, Antonio Santocono will share his insights on fostering innovation within the Veneto region.

Roberto Pavin – CFO of Sirmax: Roberto Pavin’s expertise in financial management and his involvement with Sirmax, a leading company in the plastics industry, will shed light on the role of innovation in transforming businesses and industries.

Carlo Mei – Commercial Director of Finapp: With his extensive knowledge in the finance and technology sectors, Carlo Mei will provide valuable insights on the intersection of innovation and finance, and how it can drive economic growth.

The event will conclude with a networking aperitif, providing an excellent opportunity for attendees to establish new business connections and explore potential avenues for collaborative innovation. We will be engaging with like-minded professionals, to exchange ideas, and discover exciting possibilities for future collaborations.

We are looking forward to being a part of this insightful event, where innovation takes center stage, offering the chance to gain valuable knowledge, forge new connections, and contribute to the growth of the local business community.

Event Information

This is an event that is created to encourage the exchange of innovative ideas. The event is in part a round table discussion where experts will offer insights on how to expand regional business and in part a cocktail where attendees will be able to network freely in order to form business connections.

21 June 2023

The event will take place 21 June 2023.

Le village

Le Village by CA in Padua: Le Village is an open and dynamic ecosystem that supports the growth of startups and accelerates the innovation of companies, thanks to the synergy and connection between large corporations, young companies, investors, and the Crédit Agricole Group.

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