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A&T Fair Torino

A&T Torino will take place on 14-16 Feb 2024, drawing in exhibitors showcasing over 2000 cutting-edge technologies, along with hosting workshops and roundtable discussions, the fair serves as a platform for Italian companies to explore concrete solutions that address the evolving challenges posed by new production and business models, particularly through the lens of Industry 5.0.

Founded in 2007 initially as an exposition focused on Tests and Measurements, A&T has since evolved in response to the insights from key exhibitors and the industrial sector, broadening its scope to encompass six key areas:

Smart Manufacturing, Smart Logistics, Testing & Metrology, Process Control, Production Control and Additive Manufacturing


Industrial Robots and Sensing AI

The fair will also highlight human-machine interactions in industrial ecosystems and the value this practice offers. By leveraging various technical devices and AI sensors, robots are now capable of operating safely in close proximity to humans. One pivotal advancement involves equipping robots with smart sensors and AI to ensure safe operation alongside human workers. This has transformed robots from their initial confinement in protected areas, where they were isolated from human interaction due to safety concerns, to their emergence as collaborative robots, or cobots.


Sustainability & Decarbonization in Industries

As is customary at A&T fairs, there will be a focus on sustainability and decarbonization. A dedicated workshop on achieving carbon neutrality and navigating the energy transition within the industrial sector is organized with the explicit aim of guiding SMEs effectively through the green transition. This workshop will delve into the regulatory landscape concerning environmental sustainability and present the array of tools at the disposal of SMEs.

Key questions include: Which path takes us towards the goal of sustainability? And how does this objective intersect with the other challenges facing companies?

The trajectory of the Italian production system hinges on fostering collaboration among enterprises of all sizes to cultivate highly innovative and enticing territorial ecosystems that appeal to global customers.

Join us at the upcoming A&T fair, where we delve into these critical topics and explore strategies for building a vibrant and collaborative business landscape.

Event Information

A&T Fair stands out for its innovative approach, seamlessly blending the exhibition component with a comprehensive training and updating program tailored to the diverse needs of companies, regardless of their size. Embracing a philosophy of being “visionary yet practical,” the A&T Technology fair operates under the motto “from ideal to attainable.”

14 – 16 February 2024

The event will take place during 14 – 16 February 2024.

Torino, Oval Lingotto Fiere

Torino Oval Lingotto is an indoor arena. It was built for use at the 2006 Winter Olympics, during which it hosted speed skating events.