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System Overview

You take a modular hardware platform and you couple it with an optimized system firmware. Then you select latest MEMS sensors and equip a dual-core ARM Cortex microcontroller. Add Bluetooth communication, an USB-C interface and a 1Gb FLASH memory. Finally, you program it with sensor fusion and other embedded AI software. That’s how you get MUSE: a low power, miniaturized, wireless multi-sensor logger.

Our customers used MUSE as wireless IMU, motion tracker, sport sensor, vibration sensor, magnetic sensor, impact sensor, temperature sensor, humidity sensor, Bluetooth beacon, black box logger, smart alarm, and every day we keep enjoying its versatility.

The secret is in its name, MUSE stands for multi-sensor which means the system is ideal for a variety of wearable and IoT applications that want to build on top of a reliable, state-of-the-art and certified product platform.

What’s Included

In its FULL configuration, the system features: 1x tri-axis accelerometer , 1x tri-axis gyroscope, 1x tri-axis magnetometer , 1x High Dynamic Range tri-axis accelerometer , 1x temperature sensor , 1x relative humidity sensor , 1x high resolution barometer , 1x microphone and 1x ambient light & distance time of flight sensor .

The INERTIAL configuration includes: 1x tri-axis accelerometer, 1x tri-axis gyroscope, 1x tri-axis magnetometer.

The system is highly miniaturized in a 22x22x5.85 mm PCB form factor. It includes a 110 mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery (alternatively it can be powered directly by the 5V USB-C plug or the expansion port). Data logging memory is provided by a 1Gb NAND Flash memory. MUSE includes a push button for ON/OFF operations or programmable functions (i.e. start/stop logging), visual interaction RGB LEDs and an acoustic interaction buzzer.

The optional enclosure is a 3d printed PLA enclosure ensuring mechanical protection of the system. 3D CAD files are available if you wish to customize your own enclosure.



Measurement range ±4 / ±8 / ±16 / ±32 g
Sensitivity 0.122 / 0.244 / 0.488 / 0.976 mg/LSB
ODR max 1600 Hz


Measurement range ±250 / ±500 / ±1000 /±2000 dps
Sensitivity 8.75 / 17.50 / 35 / 70 mdps/LSB
ODR max 1600 Hz


Measurement range ±4 / ±8 / ±12 / ±16 Gauss
Sensitivity 0.15 / 0.3 / 0.43 / 0.58 mGauss/LSB
ODR max 1000 Hz

HDR Accelerometer

Measurement range ±100 / ±200 / ±400 g
Sensitivity 49 / 98 / 195 mg/LSB
ODR max 1000 Hz


Measurement range -40 °C ~ +125 °C
Accuracy ±0.2 °C
ODR fixed 25 Hz

Relative Humidity

Measurement range 0 ~ 100% rH
Accuracy ±1.8% rH
ODR fixed 25 Hz


Measurement range 260 ~1260 hPa
Sensitivity ±1 hPa
ODR fixed 25 Hz


Acoustic overload 122.5 dBSPL
Sensitivity -26 dBFS

Time of Flight

Measurement range up to 10 cm

Ambient & Infrared Light

Measurement range 2.2 mlx ~ 73 klx
Sensitivity 1.1 lx/LSB

System Specification


Core 1 Arm® Cortex®-M4
Core 2 Arm® Cortex®-M0+
Frequency Up to 64 MHz

Communication Interface

Wired USB 2.0, type C connector
Wireless Bluetooth Low Energy v5.2

Data Storage

Data Memory 1 Gbit
Memory Type NAND Flash


Capacity 110 mAh


Board 22 W x 22 L x 5.85 H mm
Housing 33 W x 28 L x 16.27 H mm